Monday, November 23, 2009

Christmas Projects

I"ve been working on a few Christmas projects and have finally got them done and ready to take with me to St. George. That's probably all the sewing I will get done for this Christmas, since I get to go to California to do wedding flowers twice in December and will be gone for almost two weeks total (It's gonna be great fun!) I made Ashley a dress out of Alyssa's leftover prom dress material from a couple of years ago. It's cuter than it looks in the picture. I made Stuart a plaid flannel quilt and Dad a bathrobe. I made Alyssa a coat - I actually gave her the fabric last year and finally got it sewn- so it doesn't really count for this year. Anyway, we're off to St. George in the morning and so excited to see everyone and have a great big Thanksgiving dinner with Mom and Dad and a whole bunch of our kids and grandkids and neices and nephews and all! It is going to be so fun!

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PDOTTreats said...

The dress is beautiful. Looks like just the right color for her to be a flower girl at Kathryn's reception!