Thursday, September 1, 2011

Teacher's Breakfast

I catered a teacher's breakfast for their first day of school this past Tuesday. It was my first paid food venture and it turned out pretty well. I prepared several kinds of quiche, cranberry orange scones, a new blueberry breakfast cake recipe, and cinnamon twists (cinnamon rolls , basically, but twisted like in the Make a Mix book). I made some pink and green flower arrangements with zinnias from my garden and printed up some menu tags. Because I had seven quiche to display, plus all the breads, I needed more cake stands. I used an idea I saw on Homebased Mom and in Christopher Lowell's book, the hassle-free host, and stacked glass plates on overturned vases. They were a fun addition to the silver restaurant cake stands I had. I didn't get any pictures the day of the event - I'm always running around like a chicken with it's head cut off, but here are a few after the fact. The new blueberry cake recipe came from Alexandra's kitchen and it is a keeper. Check it out and be prepared to drool!
Here is the address: