Friday, October 8, 2010


Since I decided that I would be more accountable if I shared in a public forum, here's an update. I have started walking. Tuesday, I went 1.5 miles. The next three days, I walked 2.5 miles each day. I do not have a very fast pace but hopefully I will work up to one. The downside is that my shins are killing me. I hope that goes away also. I have been able to stay under 750 calories the last two days also but know that the weekends are always more calorie laden especially with a trip to Six Flags tomorrow. Happy goal keeping for those of you who have something you are working towards. Have a great day!

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cindysue said...

750 calories? Are you kidding me? Yikes! Eat more! Does your doctor know you are having to reduce your intake down that low? I have read that it isn't a good idea to go below 1000 calories.

Congratulations on the walking. Hope your shin splints are better. Be careful - stretch out good (toe raises are good done on the edge of a step)and don't push it if it is hurting.