Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Hopefully, I am becoming thinner and healthier. Cindy said there had been some talk about blogging about our dieting so I'll start with the first post. The losing has slowed down too much, so I am trying to commit to exercising too. This morning I finally got out there and walked. So a question for you out there, has anyone tried Wii Fit or Wii Fit Plus? Anyone know the difference between them? So my goal for this week is to walk 1.5 miles every weekday morning and throw in some yardwork on those mornings I have extra time. What are you doing? This sibs have all set a goal of 10 pounds before Halloween. I lost 3 but am afraid I gained back. My personal goal is to lose 100 before Christmas. We'll see. Now I guess I'm accountable to all of you. Hope that helps me. Have a great day! And anyone who wants to join in tell us what your goal is before Halloween, diet, fitness or anything else you want to accomplish!

(A little before and so far comparison. Not the best pictures.)

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cindysue said...

Wow! You are looking great! How many pounds will you have to lose to reach 100 lbs. by Christmas?

You have done such an incredible job in such a short time! That is so amazing!

Way to go!