Monday, November 17, 2008

Isn't She Lovely?

Thanks, Pauline! I love this idea of having this blog for all the family to post!

Thought I would share a picture, of course, not of me! This is of our princess, Stevie in her homecoming dress. The pictures that were taken at the dance did not show off how cute her dress was, or how lovely Stevie really is! I know, I know....after I took the pictures and got them home, I could see how terribly wrinkled the dress was after she had already worn it to the dance but at least I have some good full length pictures of her in it! Well, this one has weird lighting, but her face is so cute here!

She went to the dance with a guy named Josh. Those that keep up on her My Space will probably know that they have been together since last spring.


mom said...

How lovely she is. What a fun time her date must have had with such a lovely girl on his shoulder. Nice

cindysue said...

You're right, she IS lovely! What a cute dress. Is she enjoying her Senior year? Our kids have all grown up too fast and soon will be gone.