Thursday, September 1, 2011

Teacher's Breakfast

I catered a teacher's breakfast for their first day of school this past Tuesday. It was my first paid food venture and it turned out pretty well. I prepared several kinds of quiche, cranberry orange scones, a new blueberry breakfast cake recipe, and cinnamon twists (cinnamon rolls , basically, but twisted like in the Make a Mix book). I made some pink and green flower arrangements with zinnias from my garden and printed up some menu tags. Because I had seven quiche to display, plus all the breads, I needed more cake stands. I used an idea I saw on Homebased Mom and in Christopher Lowell's book, the hassle-free host, and stacked glass plates on overturned vases. They were a fun addition to the silver restaurant cake stands I had. I didn't get any pictures the day of the event - I'm always running around like a chicken with it's head cut off, but here are a few after the fact. The new blueberry cake recipe came from Alexandra's kitchen and it is a keeper. Check it out and be prepared to drool!
Here is the address:


Deanne said...

Wow, so pretty and I bet very tasty too!

Deanne said...

Is this blueberry cake better than yours?

cindysue said...

I don't know that it is better, but it is a change. I love lemon, and this is wonderfully lemon scented, but with a sugar cookie sort of flavor. The buttermilk makes it very moist and tender. I'm certainly not giving up my other recipe, it's the best when you are in the mood for a yummy brown sugar and cinnamon struesel, but I had gotten tired of it and wanted to try something else. Also, since I was serving cinnamon rolls at the breakfast, this provided a different flavor.