Monday, January 11, 2010

A Wonderful Christmas in St. George

We so enjoyed being able to attend Kathryn and Karl's wedding and reception. Everything seemed so perfect! The timing was perfect, the family and friends all there, the decorations were divine and all went so smoothly.

We were able to take Mom and Dad some of the handwork of the talented Cindy, Deanne and Pauline. The centerpiece arrangement that we took lasted for days and looked so festive on the coffee table in the family room. The chocolates and the caramels, that Pauline and Deanne made, were put away in the outside refrigerator and so we hope Mom and Dad have enjoyed each and every yummy bite!

We had such a nice,relaxing visit in St George. Christmas was festive, but not hurried, as there were no little children eager to see what Santa brought to their stocking. We had time to visit and be visited by relatives. Aunt Janet went with Stevie and me to see New Moon and Dean, Brady and I were able to feast our eyes at the 3D version of the movie, Avatar. It was so colorful and kewl in 3D! And I enjoyed the story line too, so for me it is a must see! We enjoyed our time with Stevie, now a student at BYU. We had a couple really great shopping trips that she really scored! 3 new pairs of shoes, a couple really nice outfits and a winter dress coat!
We loved our vacation that was over 2 weeks away from home.
Our time away was marred for us by the news of the break-in at home in Auburn, WA. Cody came home from work to find that our new 50" plasma TV and our blue ray player were missing. He called the police and the break in was documented, and we heard through neighbors that the thief had been caught. When we returned home, I went to the police station to give an updated theft report (Brady had 2 game consoles and almost 40 games stolen) and was told that it was only a rumor that the thief was caught. We were also warned that repeat break ins are common, usually only a few months after the first theft, to steal again after the homeowners have replaced their stolen belongings. So we continue to beef up our home security.
Life has returned to the same ol', same ol' but we continue to reminisce about our vacation we were able to spend with family. Thank you all for your hospitality and great memories.

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cindysue said...

So glad you had a nice trip. So sorry your house was robbed! It didn't occur to me that you might get hit a second time- I sure hope that doesn't happen.
I'm sure glad Mom and Dad had someone there for the holidays.